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Site Troubleshooting & Testing

When using any measuring instrument in any process, it is important to make sure that the results are accurate and within specification to ensure optimum equipment performance. We, at Logicart, do provide maintaining, calibrating and repairing industrial process control instrumentation so you can be certain your processes meet requirements. Our qualified engineers have the training and equipment to test and verify the accuracy of the process control instrumentation and troubleshoot.

Over time, when instrument accuracy degrades, affecting equipment performance, we are able to offer on-site service to re-calibrate to original factory specification. Among the onsite services offered inclusive setting of most well-known variable speed drive (VSD) and soft starter, controller and transmitter same time troubleshooting all types of process instruments like pressure, temperature, level, flow and more. All calibration includes complete control loop testing. The entire control and/or monitoring system of a process, from the input/process sensing device to the control and monitoring units to the final output device, is checked for proper operation and calibration. With our extensive experience in field of automation, our calibration and validation service ensure:-